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Explosions require special experience and engineering knowledge to properly analyze

and understand all aspects of the case.

Mr. Harris has investigated over 800 explosions in residences, industrial and commercial buildings, tanks and tanker trucks, and the oil field. In addition, having attended or hosted over 800 laboratory examinations, he recognizes patterns that less-experienced explosion experts might overlook.


It takes specific knowledge of gases, appliances, pressure, altitude, venting and gas systems to conduct the explosion analysis properly and to correctly interpret the results.


The big question is:

How did fugitive gas escape the system? 

Some investigations will get hung up on determining the ignition source, which often doesn't matter. A building has multiple ignition sources: pilot lights, electric motors, light switches, static, electronics, etc. None of these ignition sources can cause an explosion without the buildup of flammable gas. Thus, it’s critical to determine what failed in the gas system. 

Mr. Harris has successfully testified on a wide range of explosions in State and Federal courts. He prides himself in his ability to establish credibility with the jury via his simplified explanations of complex cause and effect.


You need an explosion expert who can decipher facts from assumptions, and who will be a formidable ally.  Mr. Harris is that expert.


Common Failures        

That Lead To Explosions       

  • Inside or outside gas leak:

Mr. Harris uses proper explosion procedures and pattern analysis and knows the importance of immediate ground probing to identify the source.

  • Over-filled tank or regulator failure:

Having a clear understanding of the meaning of overfills, odorant level, pressure and flow tests helps Mr. Harris to determine cause.

  • Equipment malfunction, corrosion or mechanical damage:

Mr. Harris’ ability to dismantle, test and analyze all gas equipment either at the site or in the lab is invaluable in establishing cause.

  • Human error:

Carelessness and honest mistakes cause many explosions.  Mr. Harris puts the people at the scene at ease, and often reveals the true source of the leak in casual conversation.

  • And more….

Mr. Harris has seen it all, and can help you to quickly zero in on the cause.

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