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Expert Opinion

"This is what I would do if I were you…"


Today more than ever, a preponderance of evidence is often available even before an investigation begins. Photos and videos are often captured at the scene by bystanders, and depositions can be shared via video conference.


Mr. Harris offers a preliminary, fixed price analysis of the evidence at hand to help you to determine whether a more thorough investigation is required.  

Based upon his 35 years of forensic experience, he will give you an independent expert opinion to help you to:

  • determine whether you should proceed with a good case,

  • describe how to make a poor case better, or

  • recognize a poor case and move on to the next one.

You provide all or some of the following:

  • Fire or Police department and/or witness photos, videos, diagrams, interviews and reports

  • Contact information for key witnesses, if appropriate

  • Plaintiff and defendant reports and photographs, if appropriate


Harris Fire Forensics will provide:

  • An opinion regarding the likely cause of the fire or explosion based upon the evidence at hand.

  • An assessment of whether a case can be successfully subrogated or defended in court.

  • Recommendations for next steps, be it further investigation, additional testing or closing the case.

Disclaimer: This Expert Opinion is:

  • meant to be preliminary, and is offered for informational purposes only

  • only as good as the information provided

  • not necessarily adequate to support an expert opinion in a court of law


Don’t go it alone.  Let Harris Fire Forensics help you to decipher the next best step.

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