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Expert Testimony

Mr. Harris has given legal testimony over 200 times.

He wins in court 95% of the time.

Mr. Harris’ specialty is reducing reams of complex data into an accurate, concise explanation which a jury can easily understand. In court, he frequently utilizes models, diagrams, photos and animations to assist in his explanations.


Mr. Harris brings a sense of confidence to your team:

  • He is at ease in the courtroom, with a professional, yet approachable demeanor. 

  • His considerable stature and amiability inspire trust and assurance. 

  • His ability to think on his feet is an invaluable asset.


Many cases can be won in the deposition, if the correct questions are asked. Mr. Harris offers consulting to help attorneys understand the key issues of the case, know what questions to ask, and when to ask them. He has been deposed over 130 times.

Clues that are missed by other investigators are frequently the details that can be used to discredit their speculative conclusions and illuminate the true cause of the incident.  Mr. Harris  tenaciously investigates to determine the true cause of the event, rather than looking to support the easy answer.

 Scales of Justice

Mr. Harris has been accepted and testified over 90 times as an expert in State and Federal Courts in the following disciplines:

  • Fires

  • Explosions

  • Oil and Gas

  • Carbon Monoxide

  • Chemical problem analysis

  • Slip and Fall

  • Fire codes and standards

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