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Randolph Harris, Fire Investigator

Fire, Explosion and Carbon Monoxide Expert



 Randolph J. Harris 

  • 35 Years Experience

  • Efficient and Cost-effective

  • Wins in court

  • ​Chemical Engineer, BS ChE

  • Graduate studies in Materials Science. 

  • Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator (CFEI)


Mr. Harris has investigated the origin and cause of complex fires, explosions, and carbon monoxide poisonings for 35 years. He's a thorough, efficient and effective investigator, expert witness and consultant.  His client base is comprised mainly of manufacturers, insurance companies, and attorneys.


Expert Opinion:

Many times, insurance adjusters, plaintiffs or manufacturers must make a call, based upon the evidence at hand, as to whether to pursue subrogation, litigation, or further investigation. 

Don’t go it alone! In all likelihood, Mr. Harris has had experience with a similar situation and can help you to determine the next best step.

Harris Fire Forensics offers a fixed price “Expert Opinion to determine whether a full investigation is warranted.



Mr. Harris' education, training, and 50,000 hours of forensic engineering experience enable him to perform exceptionally thorough investigations, testing, analysis, and testimony.  He knowledgeably fills the roles of multiple experts, seeing the entirety of the situation, so the findings are complete, congruent, coherent and cost effective.  

Careful inspection at the accident site can completely change the narrative of the incident. 

Mr. Harris loves being the only investigator to figure out a difficult case, and he zealously debunks incorrect conclusions made by others. 

Expert Testimony:

Mr. Harris has successfully testified in court as an expert witness nearly 100 times, and has given over 130 legal depositions.  His testimony has led to favorable conclusions for his clients 95% of the time.  He is exceptional at explaining complicated concepts in easily-understandable ways. 

His professional, yet approachable demeanor is a cornerstone to his success in court.


Many legal cases can be won in the deposition, if the attorney knows which questions to ask.

Mr. Harris' goal is for the attorney to understand the case as well as he does, so he/she can ask the crucial question at the correct time.


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